May 2015 – Actual Weather (AccuWeather)

Monthly Temperature (AccuWeather)
Monthly Temperature (AccuWeather) - May 2015
From April 2015 to the third week of May 2015, the temperature increased in all observed North American cities except for San Diego with the onset of summer. The monthly average temperature rose in Chicago by 5 degrees to 13 Celsius (C), in San Antonio by 1 degrees to 23C, and in New York City by 8 degrees to 19C. By contrast, the temperature in San Diego slightly dropped by 2 degree to 17C.

In May 2015, the two-year average in all observed cities was highly varied. When comparing the past two-year average of May temperatures to May 2015 temperatures, this year’s May felt cooler in San Diego, Chicago, San Antonio, and New York by 2C, 3C, 1C, and 2C degrees, respectively.

In May 2015, the city of Chicago experienced the largest fluctuations among all observed cities, as the city reached 13C mid-way through the month. The city felt cooler as temperatures dropped to 7C on May 12, settling at around 14C for the last day of observation. This year’s May did not end up deviating from the normal seasonal pattern for this time of year, based on the two-year average and a comparison with the previous month.


Daily Temperature (AccuWeather)
Monthly Temperature (AccuWeather) - May 2015
On the ICE, May 2015 day-ahead peak electricity prices in PJM, represented by APS Zone and NYISO, began to increase as of May 4, 2015. PJM APS Zone prices rose from 36 USD/MWh on March 4 to 47 USD/MWh on March 8, with prices averaging at 45 USD/MWh throughout the rest of May.

Prices at NYISO Zone A were the most volatile this month, beginning the month at 29 USD/MWh, before climbing to 40 USD/MWh on March 11, ending the observation period at 45 USD/MWh. Prices increased as temperatures dropped from May 5 to 6, and again on May 20.

CAISO prices remained relatively flat throughout the second half of the month, averaging at 34 USD/MWh. By the same token, prices continued flat in the ERCOT North 345KV region, averaging at 27 USD/MWh throughout the month. Higher temperatures pushed electricity prices higher by raising demand for cooling.

Data Sources: AccuWeather


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