Delisting of products and data sources

S&P Global Platts Discontinues UK Week-ahead, WA+1 Power Prices

S&P Global Platts discontinues the UK baseload and peakload week-ahead and week-ahead+1 power price assessments on October 24, 2016, due to low liquidity and reduced market interest.

The assessments are published in European Power Daily, on European Power Alert pages 42 and 43 and in Platts Market Data category EE.

The affected codes are:


  • AADFI00 – UK GTMA WA Base (GBP/MWh)
  • AADGD00 – UK GTMA WA Base (Eur/MWh)
  • AADGH00 – UK GTMA WA Peak (GBP/MWh)
  • AADGL00 – UK GTMA WA Peak (Eur/MWh)


  • AASTM00 – UK GTMA Base WA +1 (Eur/MWh)
  • AASTN00 – UK GTMA Base WA +1 (GBP/MWh)
  • AASTO00 – UK GTMA Peak WA +1 (Eur/MWh)
  • AASTP00 – UK GTMA Peak WA +1 (GBP/MWh)

See the original announcement.

Data Sources: Platts  |  Effective Date: October 24, 2016


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