State of the Union Address: Dominating the World Energy Markets and Losing to Congress

The State of the Union Address, the speech delivered by the US President at a joint session of the US Congress, is the most highly anticipated public announcement of the year for many industries, including energy. But the state of ... Read more »

The New US Budget: The Energy Sector Becomes More “All of the Above”

The US statesmen’s vision for the energy sector has been under a series of transformations over the last several years. It has been through a few cycles, alternating its focus between fossil fuels and renewables, with everything else in between. ... Read more »

Electricity Markets Expand and Get Integrated. Moving towards Convergence.

With the news remaining totally focused on crude oil markets over the last several months, the electric power sector has been somewhat abandoned by newsmakers. Meanwhile, during this period, electricity markets have been generating some very interesting developments. On the ... Read more »

It Is an Oil Buyers World: Chinese Oil Trading to Get Support from the Middle East

It is not so common that low prices become the focus of global attention and raise many concerns. Nonetheless, this is the case in oil markets these days.  Somewhat mirroring events from the year 1986, this summer and fall oil ... Read more »

Three Years of Data News You Need: ZE DataWatch Celebrates Its Anniversary

Markets change rapidly, as they are driven by the complex interaction of political events, technological developments, and evolving structures.  Therefore, three years ago ZE decided to supplement its enterprise data management software solution, ZEMA, with a service that would provide ... Read more »

The Federal Agency Moves Ahead with Improving Natural Gas – Electric Power Markets Coordination: The Concept of Centralizing Natural Gas Trading Is on the Table

With natural gas-fired power plants taking an increasingly larger share of the electricity mix, the need for seamless transacting and exchanging of information between power producers and gas pipeline operators is becoming critical. The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ... Read more »

More LNG from This Side of the Pacific Ocean to Another: Is There Anyone Looking for Some?

In July 2014, the North American LNG bonanza was brought back to the front pages of the media again.  Two more projects on the North Pacific shore announced that they are one step closer to entering the global market of ... Read more »

It is Not All about Fossil Fuels: US Power Markets Might Be Facing Serious Revisions

We have almost become used to the idea of fossil fuel industries dominating the energy and commodity market data news space. This is rightly so, and this trend was sustained throughout June 2014. However, new developments in U.S. electric power markets ... Read more »

North American Shale Gas Revolution Gets Trumped by other Revolution(s)

I am not sure what other industry event or announcement could have had a more prominent and extended effect on natural gas markets than the simple contract entered between Russia and China, two countries located on an opposing side of ... Read more »

Renewable Generation Requires Smarter Systems and More Data: New York and California Are Moving Ahead

Transmission and distribution grid modernization efforts, or the “smartening up” of networks, as well as a growth in renewable generation, have been popular topics amongst power sector experts, politicians, and the media in the last decade. During this time, the ... Read more »


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