Too Much Demand Will Kill You? Not Any More: FERC Will Coordinate the Natural Gas and Electricity Sectors

Among all other energy resources, natural gas has the longest list of promises to fulfill. Promises of affordable fuel have been given to the power sector, the chemical industry, manufacturers, the transportation industry, and anybody who needs to heat space. ... Read more »

Keeping Track of Petroleum Products Involves More than Following Bears and Bulls

WTI prices go up, WTI prices go down, and Brent keeps fluctuating in relation to WTI–headlines of this nature will continue driving energy news for as long as petroleum remains the dominating fuel for transportation…and for remotely-located power generators…and for ... Read more »

Environmental Reforms: The US Takes a Backseat to Europe

While the U.S. and Canada are finding any excuse to escape prime membership in the tight global circle of cleaner and greener governments, the European Union continues to aggressively fight climate change by tightening its environmental goals and targets. The ... Read more »

Balanced Energy Portfolios Are Coming into Fashion: More Oil for North America

Changes, changes, and more changes. I am not sure how many more changes the energy industry can endure within such a short period of time, but it has to. And it does so, and it adapts and perseveres. The industry ... Read more »

Private and Disintegrated Electric Utilities are Facing a Reversal in Trend

This topic could fill a long research paper crammed with complex, industry-specific jargon like “vertical integration”, “restructuring”, “unbundling”, and “market mechanisms”. Comparative analysis of rates and the reliability of systems and services ‘before’ and ‘after’ are certainly relevant topics, but ... Read more »

Storage for Carbon and Storage for Energy Intended to Make Air Cleaner

Whenever a discussion develops around the power industry, the thought of storage is not something that immediately comes to mind. Nevertheless, it has been recently drawing more attention from regulators and newsmakers. Interestingly enough, storage, as a solution, is being ... Read more »

The Global Climate Change Beast: No Longer a Fairy Tale

Global climate change is becoming more than just a scary bedtime story that could happen to someone, somewhere, and at some time. Out of all the industries, it is the power sector that seems to be getting the hit by ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – August 2013

With the Morris worm of 1988, arguably the first computer worm spread via internet, our exposure to threats has expanded into the new dimension, cyber. It was a sign of things to come. We have had to adopt a new lingo ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – July 2013

Recently, my attention has been drawn to California. Yet again, this Western state is pushing the boundaries of conventional views and stale ideas. This particular development has been somewhat expected since the early days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governing of California ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – June 2013

I’m not sure if Barack Obama’s June 25 presidential climate change speech could beat anything else this month in its prominence and tentative consequences for the energy, commodity and financial markets. For the most part, it did not surprise many. ... Read more »


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