Editor’s Letter – July 2012

We continue exploring shale gas development and its impact on the overall natural gas outlook. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is one of the drivers affecting demand for shale gas. However, LNG itself is affected by multiple factors. In the 90s, as the ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – June 2012

Fossil fuels remain a hot topic in industry news. Crude oil, on a wave of price high volatility, and with a sustained, though slowly narrowing spread between European and North American benchmarks (as shown in Figure 1), and growing production ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – May 2012

Over the last few years, natural gas has gained major momentum in the U.S. and the nation is now facing what is being referred to as a “natural gas renaissance.” In several years, as promised by some experts, the U.S. ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – April 2012

The main news of the month is the CME’s acquisition of GreenX. CME had already owned a share of the “green exchange”; however, with this move, CME bought out its partners in GreenX, including Constellation Energy, Credit Suisse, Evolution Markets, ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – March 2012

I’ve been reading and hearing stories about unstructured data analytics with increasing frequency for a while. This is not surprising as the social media boom and internet search play a greater and more crucial role in our lives and business ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – February 2012

Just a few years ago, the U.S. was expected to remain dependent on natural gas and oil imports…forever. Major efforts were directed toward developing more clean and renewable sources of domestic energy. However, with improvement of shale gas and oil ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – December 2011

Brent crude continues to draw attention. Over the last year, the spread between the European (Brent) and North American (WTI) benchmarks widened, at times reaching approaching $30. It was quite a stretch given the fact that previously, this difference stayed ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – November 2011

First of all, we want to have access to as much data as possible. And, we want to learn, in a timely manner, about new products, de-listed products, new data reports, and data providers. Then, we realize that the volume of ... Read more »

 Effective Date: November 30, 2011

Editor’s Letter – October 2011

Last month was characterized by growing disconcert over regulation that targets over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trades. The new topic under review is the creation of global data repositories for each asset class. This concept is being supported by U.S. regulators but is rejected ... Read more »

Editor’s Letter – September 2011

Hello and welcome to our inaugural issue of the ZE DataWatch electronic magazine. First of all, thank you for being one of our first readers. Now allow me to say a few words about this publication. The idea of this magazine has ... Read more »

 Effective Date: September 30, 2011


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