April 2013, Actual Weather (AccuWeather)

April saw temperatures rise across the US with monthly averages in Chicago, Raleigh, New York and Sacramento all breaking the 0 degrees Celsius mark. New York with an average April temperature of 10.1 degrees Celsius stayed above ... Read more »

February 2013, Actual Weather (AccuWeather)

Chicago experienced some very cold weather in February dropping below -15 degrees Celsius on multiple occasions. New York experienced some temperature drops; however, most of the time, the temperature ranged between -7 and +7 throughout January and February.Further ... Read more »

January 2013, Actual Weather (AccuWeather)

With the onset of winter, a steep decline in temperatures was observed on the East Coast. The weather on the West Coast remained mild and temperature declined very gradually.  Read more »

November 2011, Actual Temperature (AccuWeather)

With the beginning of shoulder season, daily low temperatures continuously declined, supporting decreased cooling and increased heating demands.  Read more »


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